Amber, Red, and Brown Ales

Our Amber, Red, & Brown Ale kits include beers with a focus on rich toasted caramel flavors with hop character ranging from low to high. As with all of our quality in-house kits we design them with both ease of brewing and drinking in mind. 


American Brewmaster Beer Kits make 5 gallons of tasty beer and come with:

•Malt Extract - liquid, dry or a combination of both

•Specialty Grains (most kits)

•Muslin Bag for steeping specialty grain



•Priming sugar - for carbonating

•Easy to follow instructions

•Some kits may include spices, honey, sugar or flavorings

Amber, Red, and Brown Ales

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American Classic Amber Ale
American Classic Amber Ale - Deep amber - copper color wi...
Based on 1 reviews.
American Classic American Brown Ale
An American Brown Ale with slight roasted flavors and dis...
Based on 1 reviews.
Asterix's Amber Potion
Belgian Amber Ale - Are you ready for an adventure with A...
Dusseldorf Alt
Light brown, with a touch of hops to balance out the malt...
Based on 1 reviews.
English Nut Brown Ale
Nut Brown Ale with slight nutty roasted flavors and disti...
Based on 1 reviews.
Flat Tire Amber Ale
Anticipated Original Gravity: 1.050 Anticipated...
India Brown Ale
This is a hybrid of a Brown Ale and an IPA. It has a rich...
Irish Red Ale
Rich amber color with a smooth malty flavor make this red...
Based on 1 reviews.
Mild Thing English Mild
Low gravity English ale requires little time to brew, con...
Northern Brown Ale
An ever so slight sweet nutty ale with hits of caramel an...
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Now you can brew Rogue's Dead Guy Ale at home. In the sty...
Warrior's India Red Ale
Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning? If so, th...
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