Flakes and Adjuncts
Flakes and Adjuncts such as flaked maize or corn, flaked oats, flaked barley, flaked rice, flaked rye, torrified wheat and rice hulls.

Flakes and Adjuncts

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Flaked Barley                    1lbs
Flaked Barley - used to add creamy white head and aid in hea...
Flaked Maize                     1lbs
Flaked maize, or flaked corn is commonly used in American li...
Flaked Maize, 25 pounds
Flaked Maize, 25 pounds - Use to add aclohol and to lighten ...
Flaked Oats                     1lbs
Flaked Oats are most commonly used in Belgian Wits and Oa...
Flaked Rice     1 poundRice Flakes will help you brew li...
Flaked Wheat                     1lbs
Use in place of Malted Wheat in wheat beers. Flakes will y...
Rice Hulls                       1lbs
Use Rice Hulls to create filter matrix in highly glutenous m...
Torrefied Wheat                  1lbs
Torrified Wheat is often used in brewing British Pale Ales a...
Unmalted Wheat 1 oz.....
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