Herbs and Spices can add dimension and personality to any beer. Use wisely. Excellent in Holiday brews.

Herbs and Spices

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Coriander Seed, Whole     1 oz.
Coriandrum sativum Ancient Egyptian and Sanskrit texts docum...
Curacao - Sweet  Orange Peel   1oz.
SWEET ORANGE PEEL, Aurantium dulcis pericarpium While a cous...
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Dried Chamomile  1oz
The Chamomile got its name from a Greek word which means ear...
Brewer's Garden Dried Elderberries in an 8oz package. Can ...
It is both the flowers and the greenery of this wonderful he...
Lemon Peel        1oz.
Lemon Peel - Citrus limon Adds a lemon/citrus flavor and ar...
Wormwood Schnapps Essence - Mix with Absinth Essence to make...
Mugwort - Brewer's Garden 1oz.....
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