Homebrew Kegging Kit With Squeeze Faucet

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Complete Kegging System
Kit includes:

  • 5 gallon Cornelius Keg with Ball Lock Fittings (Pepsi Keg)
  • Complete O-ring replacement set 
  • Keg Lube, 1 oz. (Food grade lubricant) 
  • Ball Lock Quick Disconnect, Gas & Liquid 
  • Dual gauge regulator (Cornelius)
  • 5 lb CO2 cylinder (FULL, if not shipping) 
  • 1/4" tubing, 2 ft. - gas line 
  • Squeeze Faucet Cobra Tap on 5' 3/16" Beer line
  • All Connecting Hardware

This is our in-store price, which includes a brand new FULL 5 pound CO2 Cylinder.
We fill CO2 at our shop, so you do not have to spend another week waiting around to get your co2 cylinder filled, or worse, trade your new cylinder in for a rusty steel tank from the welding shop.
If you need to have this shipped, we have a separate product item for you.


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