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Kegging your Homebrew (3)

Why Keg your beer?

Probably the most common reason homebrewers want to keg their beer is to save time and labor over cleaning and sanitizing 50 or so bottles each time they brew. While bottles are classic and are very nice to have, one must admit, that they can be a challenge on bottling day.  

The second reason is that it is very nice to have fresh homebrewed draft beer on tap every night. You make friends fast, when they learn you have draft beer in the garage.

Kegging Homebrew - The Essentials (0)

The Essentials:
  • Keg – This will usually be a ―Cornelius‖ or ―Corny‖ keg made by Cornelius or Spartanburg Steel (Firestone Brand). Kegs can have either a Ball lock post, made for Pepsi products, or a Pin Lock post, made for Coke Products. Comes with O-Rings used for the lid and posts. 
  • CO2 Cylinder – This is a steel or aluminum cylinder designed for high pressure gas. Typical pressures are 800 psi. New tanks are stamped with an inspection date and must be re-inspected every 5 years. 
  • Regulator – Regulators are necessary to reduce the CO2 tank pressure from around 800 psi to a useful pressure between 5 – 18 psi. Regulators come with either a single low pressure gauge which indicates the pressure of the beer, or a low pressure gauge and a high pressure gauge, which indicates the pressure in the CO2 Cylinder. 
  • Tubing – Will connect the regulator to the Gas Side Quick Disconnect. 
  • Quick disconnects or Sanke coupler – Used to connect the CO2 from the regulator to the keg as well as the beer side of the keg to your dispensing tap. The coupler is used for commercial kegs. 
  • Dispensing Tap – usually either a squeeze faucet attached to 5 feet of commercial beverage tubing, a faucet on a draft tower, or through the door of a refrigerator. 
  • Hose Clamps for tubing and Keg Lube (food grade Lubricant for O-Rings)

Wyeast Private Collection

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Wyeast Private Collection

Each quarter, Wyeast features a few special yeast strains. Some proprietory, some retired and some brand new.

Here are the current offerings. - and here is a link to these yeast in our online shop.