Leaf hops are not actually the leafs of the hop plant, but rather simply the rawest form of hops available to homebrewers .
Leaf hops are the whole cone or flower of the hop plant.

Our leaf hops are packaged under a vacuum in an oxygen barrier commercial film foil bag. We package our leaf hops fresh and store frozen or in a cooler for the best quality product.

Leaf Hops

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Amarillo Leaf Hops - 2 oz
Amarillo Whole Cone Hops (Leaf Hops) - 2 oz package. This...
Cascade    Leaf                2oz
Cascade Whole Hops - 2 oz package Excellent Citrus charac...
Cascade    Leaf          1 Pound
Cascade Whole Hops - Excellent Citrus character typical o...
Centennial leaf hops 2 oz
Centennial Leaf Hops - 2 oz Selected from a cross between...
Columbus Leaf Hops -  2oz
Mosaic Leaf Hops 2 oz
Mosaic Leaf Hops - 2 oz package. A complex array of tropi...
Nugget Leaf 2oz.....
Sale Pacific Gem Leaf Hops, 1 pound       ORGANIC
Pacific Gem Leaf Hops, 1 pound ORGANIC High Alp...
$22.00 $9.99
SAVE 55%
Pacific Gem Leaf Hops, 2 oz       ORGANIC
Pacific Gem Leaf Hops, 1pound ORGANIC High Alpha bit...
Saaz Leaf         4.0A         2oz.
Czech Saaz Leaf Hops - 2 oz package Known for use in world ...
Simcoe Leaf Hops 2 oz
Simcoe Leaf Hops - 2 oz package Unique passionfruit, pine, ...
Willamette Leaf     5.1A       2oz.
Mild and pleasant, with slightly spicy and floral tones Typi...
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