Refrigerator Conversion Kit For Home Brew w/ 5 gallon keg- Ships

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Refrigerator Conversion Kit For Home Brew with 5 gallon Cornelius Keg

This kegerator conversion kit comes with everything you need to convert you mom's old refrigerator into a kegerator used to serve your own delicious home brewed beer.

Choose this kit if you need a complete setup, inluding a keg.

Kit includes:

5 pound NEW Aluminum CO2 Cylinder (Empty unless picking up at our shop)
Single Gauge Regulator
5 Feet of Air Line
5 Feet Commercial Beverage Tubing 
5 Inch Faucet Shank
All connectors and fittings (Stainless Steel Hose Clamps)
4 Inch Door Mounted Drip Tray
Commercial Faucet
Faucet Wrench
Ball Lock Fittings
Used 5 Gallon Corneilus Keg (Pepsi keg) with New Replacement O-rings
Keg Lube

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