(Link to this pdf file for easy reading and printing) The Keg King Dual Controller (MKII) features dual plugs so you can control both a cooling unit and electric heater at the same time, via the separate heat and cool plugs in the bag of the unit. 

NEMA Protection Rating – Housing IP20

NEMA Protection Rating – Display IP65

Power Supply 110V AC 60Hz (10/16amp)

Fire Protection Rating V-0

Power Consumption <3W

Display Range -45 to 120C

Accuracy +/- 0.5C

Resolution 0.1C

Temperature Unit


1. Push and immediately release the SET key. The display will show the set point value.

2. Use the up and down arrow keys to change the set point.

3. Wait 6 seconds to return to the home screen.


Push the down key for 1 second. While holding down the down key also push the up key at the same time. Once the up and down key are both depressed then release the down key and keep holding the up key for a further 6 seconds.


For more advanced users the MKII temperature controller has a significantly advanced settings menu that can be accessed. The advanced settings allow further instructions to be given to the controller such as different cooling start delay times, tighter temperature differential settings, distillation control or even sequential temperature settings. Some of the advanced settings are show in the table below:

Function Setting -- Range -- Default

E3 Temp differential -- 0.1 ~ 10C -- 1C

E4 Cooling Start delay at power on -- 0 ~ 10min -- 00

E5 Cooling Start delay -- 0 ~ 10min -- 02

E6 Calibration offset setting -- -20C ~ +20C -- 00

t1 Delay time between heating and cooling turning on -- 0 ~ 30min -- 05

H1 High temp alarm -- H2 ~ 120C -- 120

H2 Low temp alarm -- -45C ~ H1 -- -45

H5 Alarm start delay at power on -- 00 ~ 180min -- 00

H6 Alarm delay time -- 00 ~ 180min -- 00

C1 Fahrenheit or Centigrade -- 00=C / 01=F -- 00

d1 Advanced function mode -- 00=Normal -- 00




1. To access the advanced settings (above) push the SET key for 6seconds until E3 flashes.

2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the advanced setting and then use set key to select the advanced setting then use the arrow key to change the advanced setting.

3. After the advanced settings have been set use the set key to return to the advanced setting display or just wait 6 seconds to return to the home screen. Alternatively if you would like to return to the home screen quickly simply press the “X” button to instantly return to the home screen.


The advanced function mode has three different settings: d1= 00 – This is just normal operation

d1=01 – Sequential Mode In sequential mode a series of set temperatures can be setup so the temperature control will cycle through a number of different set temperatures before returning to the original set temp. This can be particularly useful if you wanted to set a fermentation temperature profile so that the temperature would increase by 2C every 2 days then crash chill and dropped the temperature down to 0C at the end. To set up sequential mode:

1. Set d1 to 01

2. Navigate to d2 and set the time unit to either minutes, seconds, hours or days.

3. Navigate to d3 and set the time for each sequential step. For example if d2 has been set to 01 (for minutes) and you set d3 to 15. Then each sequential set temperature will last for 15 minutes before moving to the next sequential set temperature.

4. Navigate from F1 to F12 and set the temperature for each sequential stage.

5. If you do not want to use any of the sequential stages

simply set the F1~F12 setting to “no”. This can be

done by pressing the down arrow until you get to -40C

then press the down arrow again and it will display

“no”. In the “no” setting the sequential step will be

skipped. If the F1~F12 setting is set to “no” the

controller will jump to the next programmed


6. If at any point you need to re-start the sequential

mode from F1 simply press the down arrow and set

key at the same time for 6 seconds and the sequential

mode will start from the beginning.

7. Once the final F12 set temperature has finished the

controller will:

A) Sound an alarm

B) Turn off sequential mode

C) Return to the original set temperature before

sequential mode was selected

If you simply press any key on the display the alarm

will turn off and the controller will return back to

normal operation.

NOTE: Wile in sequential mode the display will cycle between

the probe temperature and the “F1~F12” sequential stage. If

at any time you would like to see the set temperature for that

sequential stage simply press the “X” key and the sequential

set temperature will be displayed.

d1=02 – Distillation Mode

When distilling alcohol or other liquids it can take several

hours. Digital temperature controllers such as this one can

help automate the process so you don’t need to monitor the

still so closely and the controller can turn off the still and pump

when the distillation process is finished. When in distillation

mode the MKII controller will only cycle the heating relay once.

So for instance if you set the temperature to 80C the controller

will turn on the heating relay until the temperature gets up to

80C. Once it reaches 80C it will sound the alarm and turn off

the heating relay until it is manually reset.

If you did not use distillation mode the temperature controller

would turn on the boiler and the temperature would only go

up to 80C. However once the boiler cools down the controller

would turn the boiler back on and the temperature would keep

getting pushed up to 80C so the boiler would keep getting

cycled on and off repeatedly this issue highlights the need for

the distillation mode.


The controller can display fault codes if the probe resistance is

outside of normal operating parameters. If this happens the

fault codes below will read on the display.


Er1 Probe disconnected/short-circuit Maintain Normal Operation

Er2 Probe Temperature Too Low Maintain Normal Operation

Er3 Probe Temperature Too High Output Relays Bot Turn Off

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