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All Grain Grandpa Jeff s Barleywine (2010 PBC BOS Winner) Home Brewing and Wine Making Supplies from American Brewmaster in All Grain

All Grain Grandpa Jeff's Barleywine (2010 PBC BOS Winner)

Our 2010 PBC Best of Show Winner is a big, rich, malty, and hoppy monster of a Barleywine. This beer ages with grace yielding and spicy, citrusy, and toffee-laden ale of great complexity. Brewed by Walter Haulenbeek of Garner, NC. 13.7% ABV and needs 6+ months of aging to mature.

To upgrade to liquid yeast, we recommend 2 packs of Wyeast 1056 or Wyeast 1272. Upgrade price includes 2 packets.

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