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Amber Malt, Crisp Malting 1 lb Home Brewing and Wine Making Supplies from American Brewmaster in Specialty Grains

Amber Malt, Crisp Malting 1 lb

Roasted specialty malt used in some English browns, milds and old ales to add color and a biscuit taste. Nice Nutty Flavor works well in Nut Brown Ales, and adds a unique character to IPAs. Very Low to no appreciable diastatic power so must be mashed with well modified malts.

Crisp Amber malt is a kilned specialty malt. It has a strong biscuity, toasted grain flavor and imparts amber and copper hues. Amber malt is traditionally used in medium or dark English ales, especially brown ale, mild ale, and old ale. The dry taste of Amber malt is an excellent compliment to bitter hoppiness, making it a nice addition to IPAs, porters, brown ales and amber ales. Must be mashed or steeped. No diastaic power. (does not convert)

25-35 ┬░Lovibond (65-92 EBC)

Use up to 20% of the grain bill.

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