• Dark Munich   3lbs

Dark Munich 3lbs

Dark Munich 2 Row 15 Lovidbond  3#

Dark Munich Malt provides a modest color increase toward the golden to Orange hue.

This particular Munich malt ranges from 15  Lovibond .

Small amounts added to the mash will improve the malty flavor and give a richer color to low gravity beers. Dark Munich Malt is much richer in flavor and aroma than light Munich malt and contributes significantly more melanoidin character.

For Bock and dark beers use 10 to 30% of the total grist for about a robust malty bready melanoidin rich flavor characteristic typical of these types of beers.

You can also add 5 to 15% of the total grist to achieve a strong malty and robust bready doughy complexity in any Ale or lager.

Dark Munich malt is a diastatic grain and should be mashed

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Dark Munich 3lbs

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