Liquid Malt Extract

AMERICAN CLASSIC MALT EXTRACTS are produced from the finest quality malting barleys and contain no additives, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, or fungal enzymes, etc. Nor do our extracts contain any corn syrup, barley syrup, or other adjuncts. The malts are received directly by us and packaged immediately under aseptic conditions.

AMERICAN CLASSIC MALT EXTRACTS unique, tri-laminate, foil pouch packaging provides maximum product protection, along with ease of use. In addition, the oxygen-barrier material maintains freshness and purity. The pouch may be put into a pan of hot water before using. Simply snip open a corner of the bag and squeeze out the malt while fan-folding the bag. This will eliminate product waste. The malt extracts are packaged in 3.3 pound, as well as 1.65 pound pouches, allowing you a greater versatility in formulating recipes or batch sizes. You can see how advantageous this becomes when gravity matching or batch sizing is important.

AMERICAN CLASSIC MALT EXTRACTS are superior malts at the most reasonable prices. The pouch form of packaging in addition to being superior for food products also provides a significant freight advantage - you'll save about 1/2 pound in freight costs for each 3.3 pound pouch over a similiar sized tin can. This benefit alone makes your delivered cost about 15 cents less per 3.3 pounds.

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