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By Horst D. Dornbush

Altbier is considered Germany's oldest and most famous beer style.

This book explains how monks and nuns brewed it in Düsseldorf centuries ago, and how to brew one today. Altbier covers brewing processes, flavor profile, recipes and much more.


Paperback: 171 pages 

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Horst Dornbusch is a well-known consultant in the international brewing industry as well as a leading author and speaker about beer. He has contributed hundreds of articles in English and German to North American and European periodicals for brewing professionals and beer lovers alike. For Brewers Publications, he has written three books: Bavarian Helles (2000), Altbier (1999), and PROST! The Story of German Beer (1997). Horst Dornbusch is a frequent media guest — from Austrian TV, to the BBC, to New Zealand National Radio, to NPR – commenting on the history, styles, technology, and marketing of beer; and he has been the script consultant on two Discovery Channel programs about beer. In the 1990s, he founded an award-winning microbrewery in Massachusetts. Before his career change to the world of beer, he held positions as a writer, editor, and publications manager for more than two decades at The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Reader’s Digest, and Siemens Medical Electronics. He was born and raised in Germany, is a former Fulbright Scholar, and holds a B.A. from Reed College and an M.A. from Brandeis University.

Horst Dornbusch is also the author of Hobbybrauen International, forthcoming in German in 2012, and of The Ultimate Almanac of World Beer Recipes (2010). In addition, he is the Associate Editor of The Oxford Companion to Beer (2011).


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