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Brewer s Orchard Blood Orange Puree 4.4 lbs Home Brewing and Wine Making Supplies from American Brewmaster in Fruit Puree and Concentrates

Brewer's Orchard Blood Orange Puree 4.4 lbs

Natural product, undiluted, not concentrated, not fermented, preservative-free, obtained from the disintegration and sieving of the edible fraction of the ripe, healthy & clean BLOOD ORANGE fruit.

Naturally fat-free & cholesterol-free, low content in sodium, contains 100% fruit puree.

  • Aseptic
  • 100% fruit pulp, pasteurized
  • Meets HACCP Requirments
  • Undiluted, not from concentrate

Brewer's Orchard Fruit Puree's are 100% natural and preservative-free. These fresh fruits are harvested from the rich soils 

of the Caribbean Coast. The ripe fruit is never frozen and is aseptically packaged, giving you the freshest fruit puree, ideal 

for brewing and winemaking, or even adding to your favorite ice cream and pie receipes.

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