Covid-19 Corona Virus Update

Updates regarding corona virus that effect our shop.

    • 6/1/20
    • We encourage everyone coming to the shop to remember the 3 "W's" 
             1) Wear a cloth face covering if you will be with other people 
             2) Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.
             3) Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use
      hand sanitizer.
      Here is a link to the NC DHS website for more information -
      This will not only help keep you safe, but it will also help protect our staff and other customers.
    • While we are open, we are limiting the number of guests in our shop to 7 at a time. If you are shopping with a group, and someone else wants to come in, one of your group may wait outside.
    • You are welcome to place your order online for curbside, or quick in and out pickup, or call us with your order requests. Also, we will check our email throughout the day for any order requests you may have.

    • 5/8/20
    • We continue to practice strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols around the shop
    • Walk in traffic welcome  but please respect employee's space and other customer's space by maintaining six (6') feet distance from others.
    • Our suppliers continue to work within the same restrictions as the rest of us, and are not able to ship our orders as fast as "normal".
    • Due to production / shipping constraints, we may be out of some items you are looking for, particularly liquid yeast. Our order for this week will not ship to us until next Monday, therefor we are going into the weekend low on liquid yeast. We have plenty of dry yeast alternatives, however, and many people have come to prefer dry yeast. So, don't be afraid to experiment outside you normal operating box; you may discover a new favorite yeast!
    • We are still filling Co2 tanks - we will carefully handle your tank and spray it down with sanitizer, as you wish and fill it while you wait.
    • Friday is FREE FILL Friday - Get a free Co2 Fill with a $50.00 purchase.

    • 4/28/20 -

    • We are still open - filling Co2 cylinders and serving our customers -
    • We are limiting the number of people in the shop to 5 or less at a time.
    • Please maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from others - including staff - help keep us all healthy.
    • Observe and respect the markings on the floor indicating proper social distancing.
    • Feel free to order online, over the phone or by email - we can have your order ready for curbside pickup, if you prefer not to come in

    • 3/30/20 -
      Wow - so much has changed, so fast. Everyday brings something new. We are carefully reviewing Governor Cooper's Directive that went in to effect today. We believe, per the verbiage in the State mandated "shelter in place" ruling, that we qualify as an essential business. We sell hardware supplies, dry goods and maintain a shipping / receiving operation, in addition, we sell industrial (Beverage Grade) Co2 and Nitrogen. We support local breweries and other local business deemed "essential" per the Governor's ruling, and we are a direct link in the supply of yeast used in the fermentation process to produce high ABV washes to be distilled into alcohol for hand sanitizer.

      • When you come to our shop, we may ask you to wait in your car or outside while we fill your order request.
      • We are still filling CO2 Tanks - we will carefully handle your tank - with a sanitized rag or a gloves. We will fill your tank and return it to you after wiping down the handle and the tank with disinfectant. 
      • IF you need home delivery, please ask. We are typically quicker than Amazon, faster than Walmart and nicer than anybody. We will do what we can to help you out. Remember though, we have families, too, so we will help you out within reason.
      • We plan on implementing a drop off policy for hardware related issues that require intensive hands on troubleshooting or diagnostic input. For example - replacing beverage tubing on a kegging system...We will bill these issues on a case by case basis, but typically we will assess a $20.00 fee for most issues, and $40.00 for work requiring more than an hour of our time - billed in hourly increments of $40.00 per hour.
      • We ask you distance yourself from other customers and staff - please maintain a minimum of six feet away from one another. It has been a real challenge to NOT shake hands with our customers - we love our customers, and appreciate our close relationship with them, but we want to see them again in the near future - healthy and vibrant.
      • We prefer orders be placed on line, or called in. You can email us your order, as well. - if you place an order online, and have a specific time frame to pick it up, please call us to let us know you placed an order. If you have any issues with the website or checkout process, give us a call -
      • There is an option for In Store Pickup in the checkout process. There is NO fee to place an order online, NO fee for us to mill your grain, and NO fee simple troubleshooting and repair requests.


      It’s Here –

      Covid-19 update

      First and foremost, we hope everyone out there is staying healthy. We feel for anyone who may effected by Covid-19, and want you to know the health of our customers and staff are a priority.

      Unless you’ve had your head stuck in a bottle, you’ve no doubt heard the Corona Virus is here in Wake and surrounding counties, and it’s not a hangover from too many Coronas, which most of us have had that at one time or another.

      While unfortunate, we think this is a great time to take advantage of staying home and brewing a batch of beer or making wine…What’s safer than playing in sanitizer, boiling malt and hops and having a beer or two or a glass of wine –? All the above helps knock back viruses and spoilage organisms, too.

      Meanwhile, we are working out local delivery for a small fee. You order, we deliver. Let us know if you would be interested in that.

      Here are some steps we are taking at the shop to help combat the spread of Covid-19

      What we are doing –

      • wiping down the front counter with disinfectant / sanitizer several times a day, at the beginning of the day and after we close.
      • Sanitizing all touch surfaces such as cooler door handles, bathroom door knobs, bucket handles and lids, light switches, grain mill switch and customer facing touch pad.
      • We are minimizing time spent with customers and taking a “social distancing” stance.
      • Samples still welcome, as we clean and sanitize with brewery grade cleaners and sanitizers.

      If you haven’t been able to find cleaner-sanitizer in the grocery store aisle, come by for some Beer Brite, Star San or One Step. Iodaphor makes an excellent and inexpensive surface sanitizer, as well.

      If you have any questions you would normally ask us while at the shop, shoot us an email or give us a call. We'll get back to you and possibly post a video if the explanation benefits from a visual demonstration. Just let us know. We want to be here for you.

      Stay tuned - stay healthy -

      AB Crew