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Fresh Juiced IPA All Grain Clone Kit Home Brewing and Wine Making Supplies from American Brewmaster in Clone Brews

Fresh Juiced IPA All Grain Clone Kit

Hardly anything says SPRINGTIME like Pollen and this refreshing IPA. Derived from Deschutes Fresh Squeeze IPA, Fresh Juiced is Super Flavorful and loaded with Citrus and Tropical Fruit. This IPA will satisfy the itch for amazing beer (and may help with those Springtime Allergies, as well - not FDA approved)

Tropical and Citrus, the juicy blend of hops is balanced with a bright Malt backbone that will have you wanting more. At 6.2% and 60 IBU, you'll want to share this springtime treasure.

Disclosure: This clone kit is from our customer, B. Brown and verified through Brewer's Friend.

Anticipated Original Gravity: 1.063

Anticipated Final Gravity: 1.017

Anticipated SRM (color): 14 

Anticipated IBU: 60

Anticipated ABV: 6.2%

Graphic Not Actual Product. This is a clone recipe and Not from Deschutes...but may be just as good!

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