Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler -

The counter pressure bottle filler is used to fill bottles under pressure from a pressurized keg while maintaining the CO2 levels in the beer, without exposing the beer to air and oxygen.

The gas line out of your regulator is split so it attaches to the counter pressure bottle filler, and to your keg. The opposite barb on counter pressure bottle filler is attached to the out post on your keg, which is the liquid side of the keg where your beer is dispensed. The valve on the filling stem is a pressure relief valve. It is used to release pressure in the bottle which sets up a pressure differential that allows the beer to flow.

Operation is as follows:
Insert filling stem in bottle and seat stopper in bottle neck.
open the gas side valve
vent pressure relief valve to purge oxygen
close purge valve
close gas side - the bottle is now at the same pressure as your keg
open liquid side valve on the counter pressure bottle filler, and control the flow of beer into the bottle by opening or closing the vent valve
Fill bottle to the top. Any foam will vent out the relief valve.

Cap as usual -
Great for taking your beer to the beach or entering your beer in competition.

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Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

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