Hydrometer in plastic slip case

Use to measure the specific gravity of a wine or beer, this triple scale hydrometer is an essential tool for home beer or wine making.

Specific gravity is a measure of a liquids density relative to distilled water. Specific gravity correlates very close to the sugar disolved in wort, must, beer or wine.

By carefully measuring the original gravity and the final gravity, one can easily determine the alcohol content of the wine or beer by a simple equation.

The Original Gravity reading is taken before fermentation. The final gravity reading is taken after fermentation is complete.

O.G. - F.G x 131 = % Alcohol by Volume 


As an alternative, the Potential Alcohol scale can also be used. Simply record the original potential alcohol reading from the potential alcohol scale at the same time you record the specific gravity.

After fermentation, measure the final gravity and jot down the remaining potential alcohol. Subtract this reading from the first to get ABV.


The BRIX scale is most often used to measure the percent Sugar in a must or wort.

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Hydrometer in plastic slip case

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