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Northern Brewer Pellets 8 oz


A true dual-purpose hop containing moderate amounts of alpha acids combined with an acceptable aroma profile.  Good for bittering with strong flavors and very fragrant.  Steam Beers, Dark English Ales, and German Lagers.

Breeding/Development: Germany. An offspring of Brewer’s Gold with some ancestry from an American wild hop, this English-bred high alpha variety later found favor and acreage all over the world. In Germany it’s known primarily as a bittering hop. 

Brewing Application: Dual purpose. German-grown Northern Brewer has a more “noble” and less pungent profile than when grown elsewhere, which makes it suited to a variety of traditional European styles where a strong or “American” hop signature may not be appropriate - German lagers, Belgian and Trappist ales, farmhouse-style beers. 

Sensory: Predominantly spicy with an undercurrent of woods and wild fruit, suggestive of its Brewer’s Gold parentage. Overall balanced with lasting flavor that reads as simply “hoppy” - not as outright woodsy and bright as US-grown Northern Brewer.

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