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Pale Ale and Light Beers

These beers are meant to be easy on the pallete as well as the wallet. Balance is the key word here resulting in brews that are not a malt bomb nor a hop blast. Sit down, relax, and have a homebrew...or three. As with all of our quality in-house kits we design them with both ease of brewing and drinking in mind. 


American Brewmaster Beer Kits make 5 gallons of tasty beer and come with:

•Malt Extract - liquid, dry or a combination of both

•Specialty Grains (most kits)

•Muslin Bag for steeping specialty grain



•Priming sugar - for carbonating

•Easy to follow instructions

•Some kits may include spices, honey, sugar or flavorings

Pale Ale and Light Beers

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American Classic American Pale Ale
A well balanced and easy drinking pale ale inspired by Sh...
Based on 5 reviews.
American Classic American Wheat Beer
Full and refreshing, this American Style Wheat Beer packs...
Butz Light Lawnmower Beer
The President of Beers. Grab on to Butz, for instant...
Based on 1 reviews.
Cinco de Gringo
Flavors and aromas of lemon and lime blend with german pi...
Fontaine's Pale Ale
Our 2011 PBC Best of Show winner is a an incredibly compl...
Light bodied and golden colored, this Kolsch is moderate in ...
Sierra Madre Pale Ale
  Anticipated Original Gravity: 1.054 Anti...
Strawberry Blonde Ale
  Anticipated Original Gravity: 1.049 Anticipate...
Based on 3 reviews.
Summer Sipper Pale Ale
Smooth, crisp and way too easy to put down. This light pa...
Wheel of Fire Cream Ale
Light, crisp and refreshing. This golden colored ale is t...
Based on 1 reviews.
White House Honey Ale
This is the recipe released by The Presidential Brewery i...
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