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Pilsners and Lagers

American Brewmaster lager kits are formulated to be fermented with lager yeast or hybrid ale/lager yeast. NO YEAST IS INCLUDED IN OUR LAGER KITS so as to give you the best option for your fermenting situation. We recommend using Wyeast 2112, White Labs Cry Havoc or Mangrove Jack Workhorse Dry Yeast.

As with all of our quality in-house kits we design them with both ease of brewing and drinking in mind. 


American Brewmaster Beer Kits make 5 gallons of tasty beer and come with:

•Malt Extract - liquid, dry or a combination of both

•Specialty Grains (most kits)

•Muslin Bag for steeping specialty grain


•Priming sugar - for carbonating

•Easy to follow instructions

•Some kits may include spices, honey, sugar or flavorings

Pilsners and Lagers

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California Goldrush Beer
California Steamin'. Walking the line between an al...
Czech Yourself Bohemian Pils
Czech Yourself Bohemian Pils A Czech style Pilsner with a...
Anticipated Original Gravity: 1.062 Anticipated Final G...
May The Schwartz Bier With You
Come over to the dark side with this black lager. Full of...
Octoberfest / Mocktoberfest
Anticipated Original Gravity: 1.057 Anticipated...
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